Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes!


We are in LOVE with these! Dermalogica has succeeded once again in making a ‘go to’ product we just cant live without!

Cleanse on the go with these biodegradable precleanse wipes. They remove makeup including waterproof mascara, excess oil, sweat and debris from the skin and are so simple to use!

Simply wipe over face and eyes to dissolve the surface dirt, oil and makeup.

Wet the wipe and continue to massage creating a white milky emulsion, concentrate on areas of congestion.

Rinse with luke warm water. Simple!

It is recommened to then cleanse your skin as usual with your prescibed Dermalogica cleanser as this is a “pre cleanse” step, however I think these are perfect for at the gym or when you get home at 4am on a night out and cant really be bothered doing a full cleanse to take off your makeup- this is perfect!

Also great for makeup artists as a cleanse step before doing a makeup on a client!

This is an essential for the toiletry bag ladies and you can purchase them online or in salon now! Yippeeee!!

Get excited 😉



Stress less and save your skin!

So you’re doing everything by the book, even with screaming kids or a meeting at 8am or exams coming up, you have your skincare routine down pat, in between work, sport, kids, social life you’re getting a monthly facial… yet your skin is still going cray cray! What the?!


Well unfortunately skin problems aren’t all potions and beauty treatments, and as per your hectic lifestyle above, it makes reason to believe stress could be a contributor!


The way stress affects your skin is that when you are tense, anxious or under pressure, your brain releases cortisol, a stress hormone (as if we need any more hormonal issues) into your blood stream.


This puts our skin into over drive. Oil glands ramp up production, which causes breakouts, it dilates blood vessels which can aggravate rosacea and cause redness and flushing, skin can become dehydrated and more sensitive! Wonderful!

Another ‘exciting’ affect it has on our skin is it makes us look older!!

Don’t furrow your brow now, you will cause lines!

From the age of 20 we lose 1 percent of our skin’s collagen supply annually and let this not cause distress, as you will begin or enhance the stress hormone even more! Triggers such as relationships, money, work, study, can cause stress.


We all know that it already is not good for your heart and brain just as it is unhealthy for your skin. With stress levels higher than ever these days it is certainly affecting more than your energy levels. It is impacting the health and appearance of your skin and body!

Working with internal and external remedies such as good skin care and daily stress management techniques you can certainly get that stressed out skin, under control!


  1. Nourish your body with healthy foods.
  2. Boost circulation with exercise
  3. Practice meditation- if you’re getting tense at work or the kids, step away and take some deeps breaths, re focus and calm yourself.
  4. Good sleeping habits- try removing electronics from the bedroom, having a bath or doing some stretches before hitting the hay.
  5. A glass or three of wine and a smoke could seem great after a long day, try swapping that for a short walk and a fresh juice to unwind- much healthier for you and your family.
  6. Try and walk daily, fresh air and nature are a natural stress reliever. Even 20-30mins before dinner can be so beneficial!

Sensitive VS. Sensitised…

It is becoming more and more common for people to feel they have “sensitive” skin. They have symptoms of prickly, itchy, tight, red, blotchy and dry areas on their skin and this scares them away from using quality skincare in case they get a reaction.

This is so sad for your therapists because there is so much to offer and you as a client can gain so much from your skincare and skin treatments but it’s all about education!

There is in fact a difference between sensitive skin and sensitised skin! A true sensitive skin condition is caused by a genetic predisposition. They usually have a fairer, thinner skin; suffer from allergies and skin diseases such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

Sensitised skin is a reflection of your environment, lifestyle and physiology. Stress, hormones, climate, pollution, cosmetics, medical procedures and lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking and alcohol can all lead to a sensitised skin. A sensitised skin displays more of a reactive response to these factors which other skins can tolerate. The symptoms can be similar to that of a true sensitive skin with the itching, burning, redness which is an inflammatory response.

Once we figure out what and where your sensitivity is coming from it is much easier to treat! What we want to do is control the inflammation and get the skin healthy again!

Sensitised skins generally have an impaired barrier which is allowing the microbes, pollutants and irritants to get in our skin and cause the inflammation.

Think of a layer in our skin that acts as a shield to protect us, has little holes in it, letting the badies in. We need to repair those holes to strengthen our skin so our ‘shield’ is strong again.

Finding out where the trigger is coming from makes it alot easier! The list can be ridiculously long and alot of lifestyle factors we may have to be willing to sacrifice or find an alternative for. Booking an appointment with your therapist is the best way to figure out a treatment plan and the correct skin care to be using. Your therapist can help you find out what triggers your sensitivity and how to protect your skin from further damage and premature aging!

Once you have repaired your barrier you can then look at treating any other skin concerns you may have and get your skin to a healthy state which leaves you looking fresh, hydrated, even and younger!

Dermalogica Ultracalming range is designed for a sensitized skin that is reactive or recently resurfaced. The products contain UltraCalming™ Complex    which had been researched and developed to treat all the triggers of a sensitized skin and protect and repair it from further damage!


Stiletto nails… Hot or not?

From red carpets to runways the ‘Stiletto nail’ look is hot!

Lana Del Ray, Rihanna, GaGa and Fergie seem to be keeping the trend strong and the quirky nail art and bold colours are making them a statement throughout the beauty world. Being a therapist my nails are always short and square so I don’t claw my clients mid facial but I’m defiantly impressed and slightly jealous I don’t have beautiful talons.

D.I.Y is pretty simple so get creative and try at home!

What you need:

  • a set of glue on nails- you can buy fairly cheap on ebay or most beauty retailers
  • scissors
  • nail file
  • base coat & top coat
  • nail polish/s
1. Start by giving yourself a mini manicure, I recommend cutting your nails, filing and pushing cuticles back.
2. Apply a small drop of glue on your nail bed.
3. Press on the nail as close to the cuticle as possible and press down for about 10 seconds to ensure nail is stuck on. If it doesn’t quite fit you can file to shape before gluing.
4. Use the scissors to cut the nail at an angle to create a point.
5. Use your nail file to smooth the edges to achieve desired shape.
6. Paint on base coat.
7. This is where you get creative! you can use one colour to make a bold statement or you can mix it up and create shapes and designs… the choices are endless!
8. Finish with a top coat and your stiletto nails are complete! Love it!