Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes!


We are in LOVE with these! Dermalogica has succeeded once again in making a ‘go to’ product we just cant live without!

Cleanse on the go with these biodegradable precleanse wipes. They remove makeup including waterproof mascara, excess oil, sweat and debris from the skin and are so simple to use!

Simply wipe over face and eyes to dissolve the surface dirt, oil and makeup.

Wet the wipe and continue to massage creating a white milky emulsion, concentrate on areas of congestion.

Rinse with luke warm water. Simple!

It is recommened to then cleanse your skin as usual with your prescibed Dermalogica cleanser as this is a “pre cleanse” step, however I think these are perfect for at the gym or when you get home at 4am on a night out and cant really be bothered doing a full cleanse to take off your makeup- this is perfect!

Also great for makeup artists as a cleanse step before doing a makeup on a client!

This is an essential for the toiletry bag ladies and you can purchase them online or in salon now! Yippeeee!!

Get excited 😉