Skin products defined…


So let us begin by stating the fact that no two skins are the same. Look at your bestie or your mum or a colleague and you know what I’m saying. You get breakouts, mum is dry and dehydrated and BFF is so super sensitive she will use a makeup wipe and her skin goes red as a tomato. So this can make you realise that using skincare to suit you and only you not only stops your sister from pinching your moisturiser but it means you get the best results suited to your individual needs and achieve your best skin possible!

Buying something off the shelf at the supermarket is no longer an option for you lady and the reason being is that anything you get from the local supermarket, your mum, sister and bestie can also get and use and that doesn’t seem right considering you’re so different!

Supermarket brands dont come with the quality ingredients we are after (and ill delve into ingredients at a later date) and if they do, they dont have a high enough quanity to achieve anything worth while which is why they are sold at the supermarket and anyone jill and sally can buy them.. see where I’m heading here?

“But salon products are soo expensive” I hear you whine. Well I will tell you why! Antioxidants, AHA’s, retinoids, ceremides, peptides, Hyaluronic acid, amino acids etc – these will become familiar to you in good time- these ingredients are the reason you use good quality skin care because these are the lovely little wonders that are going to make all the difference in your skin health. This is what you are paying for in a professional skincare product.

We want active, potent ingredients that are going to strenthen and change our skin to achive the results we want and you also get the products prescribed to your individual needs!

 It goes back to the saying- quality not quantity.

Skin is the largest organ on our bodies, it protects disease and bacteria from getting to our insides and blood stream, it tells us how we are feeling, (think sleep deprived and hungover sunday face = dehydrated, dark circles, bags under the eyes etc) It is the first thing that people see when they are talking to you.

I say give it the treatment it deserves and start giving it the quality it deserves!

Willow Beauty Online is here to help, our aim is to close the gap between you wanting professional skincare that works and dealing with a professioanl skin therapist, without the major pricetags and from the comfort of your own home!

We are here to help get your skin sorted but also provide you with the fantastic skincare at cheaper than salon prices sent right to your door!!

Get excited!!

WB xx